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Update v4 Log Now Active!

I'm so pleased with all the help the community has put forth to make our server more enjoyable to play. Each update we seem to be getting closer and closer to a more stable server, this means we can spend more time with updates that might need treatment!

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Winter Event (Latest Update)

Yup! It's time that time of year again. Bring out the gloves, hats, and ear muffs, Winter time here is here! Yeah, you guessed it we love getting involved with the holidays! Which means many new updates can be found on our forums.

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Leaderboards - Prestige (Update)

Do you find your self a competitive player? How about a player who just wants to compare stats with another player? The wait is no longer hear! Be the best of the best and take out the rest!

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Pre-Developement Notice

While you are playing Medieval Realm we ask that you keep your eye open for any bugs or problems in-game! Rewards will be given depending on the report.


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