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#1157 Ironman Mode

Posted by GUNNSMOKEz on 12 February 2017 - 10:06 PM

Below is what we need for Ironman mode to be up and running

  • Rune essence mining
  • a way of getting antifire shield ( maybe kill dragon quest ) or as a starter item
  • obtainable iron pickaxe, hatchet, tinder box, fishing equipment, imp net
  • Add access to elemental workshop and NPCs for elemental staff drops for mage and vials of water drops from water elemental
  • No shop access to buy or sell items
  • No trade
  • Banking only 
  • Death blocks account access / Reset all stats, Items, Bank / Change Player rights to normal


This is what i have at the moment please feel free to add more to the list before this is accepted for review

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#1152 Medieval Motivational Video

Posted by Jinx on 11 February 2017 - 11:42 AM

Hey Hey


Today i  tought myself, that we dont have enough motivation, soo i took care of it. watch this video and start playn!!


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#1077 ♛ [ OFFICIAL ] Medieval Realm ~ Price List ✍

Posted by GUNNSMOKEz on 21 January 2017 - 09:37 PM

Fantastic Guide Mate!  :D  

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#1073 ♛ [ OFFICIAL ] Medieval Realm ~ Price List ✍

Posted by Kill Switch on 20 January 2017 - 09:58 PM

Perfect!!!!!! Glad you took the time to create this!

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#1071 ♛ [ OFFICIAL ] Medieval Realm ~ Price List ✍

Posted by Jinx on 20 January 2017 - 09:01 PM



Abyssal_whip.png Abyssal Whip - 20-35m

Abyssal_vine_whip.png Abyssal Vine Whip - 800-900m

Abyssal_whip__yellow_.png Abyssal Whip (Yellow) - 200 - 235m
Abyssal_whip__blue_.png Abyssal Whip (Blue) - 200-240m

Abyssal_whip__green_.png Abyssal Whip (Green) - 200 - 255m

Abyssal_whip__white_.png Abyssal Whip (White) - 200 -300m

Zamorakian_spear.png Zamorakian Spear - 250-375m
Saradomin_sword.png Saradomin Sword - 350-390m
Armadyl_godsword.png Armadyl Godsword - 900m-1b
Bandos_godsword.png Bandos Godsword - 600-650m
Saradomin_godsword.png Saradomin Godsword - 700-780m
Zamorak_godsword.png Zamorak Godsword - 800-855m

Dragon_claws.png Dragon Claws - 850-900m
Korasi_s_sword.png Korasi's Sword - 600-700m
Chaotic_longsword.png Chaotic Longsword - 700 - 900m
Chaotic_maul.png Chaotic Maul - 775m-1b
Chaotic_rapier.png Chaotic Rapier -750m - 1b
Statius_s_warhammer.png Statius's Warhammer - 500 - 800m
Vesta_s_longsword.png Vesta's Longsword - 850m-1b
Vesta_s_spear.png Vesta's Spear - 700m-1b


Melee Armour


Dragon_full_helm.png Dragon Full Helm - 100-135m
Dragon_chainbody.png Dragon Chainbody - 8-12m
Dragon_platebody.png Dragon Platebody - 100-150m
  Dragon_platelegs.png   Dragon Platelegs - 5-8m
 Dragon_plateskirt.png Dragon Plateskirt - 3-5m


Dragon_full_helm__g_.png Dragon Full Helm (g) - 45-50m

Dragon_platebody__or_.png Dragon Platebody (g) - 15-20m

  Dragon_platelegs__g_.png   Dragon platelegs (g) - 5-5m

 Dragon_plateskirt__g_.png  Dragon plateskirt (g) - 2-3m



  Gilded_full_helm.png  Gilded Full Helm - 55-60m

Gilded_platebody.png Gilded Platebody - 65-75m
  Gilded_platelegs.png    Gilded Platelegs - 60-65m
Gilded_kiteshield.png Gilded Kiteshield - 40-50m


 Void_melee_helm.png Void Melee Helm - 3-3.5m

Void_ranger_helm.png Void Ranger Helm -  3-3.5m

Void_mage_helm.png  Void Magic Helm - 3-3.5m

 Void_knight_top.png  Void Knight Top - 7.5-8m

  Void_knight_robe.png  Void Knight Robe - 7.5-8m


Elite_void_top.png Elite Void Knight Top - 15 - 16m

  Elite_void_robe.png  Elite Void Knight Robe - 15 - 16m



Bandos_chestplate.png  Bandos Chestplate - 450-470m
Bandos_tassets.png Bandos Tassets - 400-420m


Slayer_helmet.png Full Slayer Helmet - 350-390m


Vesta_s_chainbody.png Vesta's Chainbody - 650-700m
  Vesta_s_plateskirt.png Vesta's Plateskirt - 600-650m


  Statius_s_full_helm.png Statius's Full Helm - 450-500m
Statius_s_platebody.png Statius's Platebody - 500-550m
  Statius_s_platelegs.png Statius's Platelegs - 500-525m


Torva_full_helm.png Torva Full Helm - 800m-1b
Torva_platebody.png Torva Platebody - 1b
Torva_platelegs.png Torva Platelegs - 1b


Barrows Sets

 Dharok_s_armour_set.pngDharok's Set - 46m - 53.5m

 Dharok_s_helm.png  Dharok's Helm - 8.5m - 11m
Dharok_s_greataxe.png Dharok's Greataxe - 10.5m - 12.5m
Dharok_s_platebody.png Dharok's Platebody - 13.5m - 15m
  Dharok_s_platelegs.png  Dharok's Platelegs -  13.5m - 15m


Guthan_s_armour_set.pngGuthan's Set - 18.5m - 21.5m

Guthan_s_helm.png  Guthan's Helm - 3,5m - 4.5m
Guthan_s_warspear.png Guthan's Warspear - 4m - 5m
 Guthan_s_platebody.png  Guthan's Platebody - 5.5m - 6m
  Guthan_s_chainskirt.png  Guthan's Chainskirt - 5.5m - 6m


Torag_s_armour_set.pngTorag's Set - 10,5m - 12.5m

Torag_s_helm.png Torag's Helm - 1,5m - 2m
Torag_s_hammers.png  Torag's Hammers - 2m - 2,5m
Torag_s_platebody.png Torag's Platebody - 3.5m - 4m
  Torag_s_platelegs.png   Torag's Platelegs - 3.5m - 4m


Verac_s_armour_set.pngVerac's Set - 31.5m - 37.5m

Verac_s_helm.png Verac's Helm - 7.5m - 9m
Verac_s_flail.png Verac's Flail - 7m - 8.5m
Verac_s_brassard.png Verac's Brassard - 8.5m - 10m
Verac_s_plateskirt.png Verac's Plateskirt - 8.5m - 10m


Karil_s_armour_set.pngKaril's Set - 25.5m - 35m

Karil_s_coif.png  Karil's Coif - 4.5m - 7m
Karil_s_crossbow.png Karil's Crossbow - 5m - 8m

Bolt_rack_5.png Karil's Boltrack - 1k - 1.5k
Karil_s_leathertop.png Karil's Leathertop - 8m - 10m
Karil_s_leatherskirt.png Karil's Leatherskirt - 8m - 10m


Ahrim_s_armour_set.pngAhrim's Set - 15m - 16m

Ahrim_s_hood.png Ahrim's Hood - 3.75m - 4m
Ahrim_s_staff.png Ahrim's Staff - 3.75m - 4m
Ahrim_s_robetop.png Ahrim's Robetop - 3.75m - 4m

 Ahrim_s_robeskirt.png  Ahrim's Robeskirt - 3.75m - 4m


Mage Weapons


Toxic_staff__uncharged_.png  Toxic Staff of the dead - 95-150m
Master_wand.png Master Wand - 50-75m
Staff_of_light.png Staff of Light - 400-450m
 Chaotic_staff.pngChaotic Staff- 895m-1b

Zuriel_s_staff.pngZuriel's Staff - 100 - 125m


Mage Armour


Infinity_hat.png Infinity Hat - 5-6m
Infinity_top.png Infinity Top - 5-7m
  Infinity_bottoms.png Infinity Bottom - 5-7m
Infinity_gloves.png Infinity Gloves - 5-6m
Infinity_boots.png Infinity Boots - 5-6m


Zuriel_s_hood.png  Zuriel's Hood - 250 - 300m
Zuriel_s_robe_top.png Zuriel's Robe Top - 300 - 350m
Zuriel_s_robe_bottom.png Zuriel's Robe Bottom - 295 - 335m


 Virtus_mask.png  Virtus Mask - 600m
Virtus_robe_top.png Virtus Robe Top - 600m
Virtus_robe_legs.png Virtus Robe Legs - 600m


Range Weapons


Dark_bow.png Dark Bow - 35-50m

Dark_bow__yellow_.png Dark Bow (Yellow) - 235-245m

Dark_bow__blue_.png Dark Bow (Blue) - 245-255m

Dark_bow__green_.png Dark Bow (Green) - 255m-265m

Dark_bow__white_.png Dark Bow (white) - 265-355m

Dragon_arrow_5.png Dragon Arrows - 7-8k
Chaotic_crossbow.png Chaotic Crossbow - 1,4b
Morrigan_s_javelin.png Morrigan's Javelin -  100k
Morrigan_s_throwing_axe.png Morrigan's Throwingaxe - 100k
Armadyl_crossbow.png Armadyl Crossbow - 350-455m
Toxic_blowpipe__empty_.png Toxic Blowpipe - 100-175m

 handcannon.png  Hand Cannon - 300m

  Hand_cannon_shot.png   Hand cannon shots - 1,5-2k


Range Armour


Robin_hood_hat.png Robin Hood Hat - 30-35m

Armadyl_helmet.png Armadyl Helmet - 150-175m
 Armadyl_chestplate.pngArmadyl Chestplate - 200-220m
   Armadyl_chainskirt.png  Armadyl Chainskirt - 175-195m

 Morrigan_s_coif.png Morrigan's Coif - 350-380m
Morrigan_s_leather_body.png Morrigan's Leatherbody - 400-435m
  Morrigan_s_leather_chaps.png  Morrigan's Chaps - 380-395m

 Pernix_cowl.png  Pernix Cowl - 650m
Pernix_body.png Pernix Body - 800m
 Pernix_chaps.png  Pernix Chaps - 800m




Ranger_boots.png Ranger Boots - 45-65m
Dragon_boots.png Dragon Boots - 50-60m
Bandos_boots.png Bandos Boots - 250-275m
Glaiven_boots.png Glaiven Boots - 400-445m
Ragefire_boots.png Ragefire Boots - 400-435m
Steadfast_boots.png Steadfast Boots - 500-545m




Mages__book.png Mages' Book - 45-60m
 Dragonfire_shield.png Dragonfire Shield - 100-150m

  Holy_elixir.png   Holy elixir - 65-85m
Spirit_shield.png Spirit Shield - 97k
Blessed_spirit_shield.png Blessed Spirit Shield -75-95m

Arcane_sigil.png   Sigils - -75m cheaper as complete spirit shield
Spectral_spirit_shield.png Spectral Spirit Shield - 600-625m
Arcane_spirit_shield.png Arcane Spirit Shield - 700-725m
Elysian_spirit_shield.png Elysian Spirit Shield - 600-650m
Divine_spirit_shield.png Divine Spirit Shield - 800-845m
Chaotic_kiteshield.png  Chaotic Kiteshield - 800-850m
Eagle-eye_kiteshield.png  Eagle-Eye Kiteshield - 185-220m
Farseer_kiteshield.png Farseer Kiteshield - 175-220m

Tome_of_frost.png Tome of Frost - 250-275m




Archers__ring.png Archers' Ring - 35-45m
Archers__ring__i_.png Archers' Ring (i) - 70-80m
Berserker_ring.png Berserker Ring - 45-55m
Berserker_ring__i_.png Berserker Ring (i) - 100-125m
Seers__ring.png Seers' Ring - 25-30m
Seers__ring__i_.png Seers' Ring (i) - 50-55m
Warrior_ring.png Warrior Ring - 30-35m
Warrior_ring__i_.png Warrior Ring (i) - 60-70m

 Ring_of_wealth.png  Ring of wealth - 200-255m

 Onyx_ring__i_.png  Onyx Ring (i) - 120-140m

Ring_of_vigour.png  Ring Of Vigour - 55-65m



 Amulet_of_fury.png Amulet of Fury - 55-65m
Amulet_of_fury__or_.png Amulet of Fury (or) - 75-90m
Amulet_of_ranging.png Amulet of Ranging - 60-75m

Arcane_pulse_necklace.png Arcane Pulse Necklace - 100-125m

Arcane_blast_necklace.png Arcane Blast Necklace - 150-175m
Arcane_stream_necklace.png Arcane Stream Necklace - 350-360m

Split_dragontooth_necklace.png Split Dragontooth Necklace - 45-55m




Random_event_gift.png Random Reward Box - 100-150m

Mystery_box.png Mystery Box - 5-7m

Crystal_key.png Crystal Key - 5-6m

Blue_partyhat.png Blue Partyhat - 2b (max cash)
Green_partyhat.png Green Partyhat - 1.9b
Purple_partyhat.png Purple Partyhat - 1.8b
Red_partyhat.png Red Partyhat - 1.7b
White_partyhat.png White Partyhat - 1.6b
Yellow_partyhat.png Yellow Partyhat - 1.5b
Black_partyhat.png Black Partyhat - 2b (max cash)
Partyhat___specs.png Partyhat & Specs - 1b
Blue_halloween_mask.png Blue H'ween Mask - 1,5b
Red_halloween_mask.png Red H'ween Mask - 1,5b
Green_halloween_mask.png Green H'ween Mask - 1,5b

Black_h_ween_mask.png Black H'ween Mask - 2b (max cash)
Santa_hat.png Santa Hat - 250-350m
 Easter_basket.png Basket of Eggs - 2b (max cash)

3rd_age_mage_hat.png Third-age Mage Hat - 170m
   3rd_age_amulet.png Third-age Amulet - 150m
  3rd_age_robe_top.png Third-age Robe Top -255m
   3rd_age_robe.png Third-age Robe - 245m
  3rd_age_full_helmet.png  Third-age Full Helmet - 275m
3rd_age_platebody.png Third-age Platebody -265m
  3rd_age_platelegs.png   Third-age Platelegs - 250m
 3rd_age_kiteshield.png  Third-age Kiteshield -240m
3rd_age_range_coif.png Third-age Range Coif - 130m
3rd_age_vambraces.png  Third-age Vambraces - 150m
3rd_age_range_top.png Third-age Range Top - 230m
 3rd_age_range_legs.png   Third-age Range Legs - 235m




Lamp.png XP Lamp - 500k-2.5m
Dragon_axe.png Dragon Hatchet - 6m

Dragon_pickaxe.png Dragon Pickaxe - 55-75m
Blue_charm.png Blue Charm - 8-10k
Crimson_charm.png Crimson Charm - 10-15k
Gold_charm.png Gold Charm - 5-8k
Green_charm.png Green Charm -7-9k
Dragon_bones.png Dragon Bones - 40-45k

Frost_dragon_bones.png Frost dragon Bones- 100-120k

Dagannoth_bones.png Dagannoth Bones - 80-95k



Overload__4_.pngOverload (4) - 100-150k

Super_restore__4_.png Super Restore (4) - 50-55k

Super_strength__4_.png Super Strenght (4) - 45-50k

Super_attack__4_.png Super Attack (4) - 45-50k

Super_defence__4_.png Super Defence (4) - 40-45k

Super_antipoison__4_.png Super antipotion (4) - 25-30k

Super_ranging_potion__4_.png Super Ranging potion (4) - 35-45k

Super_magic_potion__4_.png Super Magic potion (4) - 35-40k

Zamorak_brew__4_.png Zamorak brew (4) - 65-75k

Saradomin_brew__4_.png Saradomin brew (4) - 70-90k

Antifire__4_.png Antifire (4) - 60-80k




Rocktail.png Rocktails - 30-45k

Manta_ray.png Manta Ray - 25-35k

Shark.png Shark - 15-25k

Purple_sweets_25.png Purple Sweets - 400-500Gp




Guam_seeds.png Guam - 1k

Guam_seeds.png Marrentil - 1k

Guam_seeds.png Tarromin - 1k

Guam_seeds.png Harralander - 1k

Guam_seeds.png Rannar - 10k

Guam_seeds.png Toadflax - 10k

Guam_seeds.png Irit - 10k

Guam_seeds.png Avantoe - 10k

Guam_seeds.png Kwuarm - 10k

Guam_seeds.png Snapdragon - 10k

Guam_seeds.png Cadantine - 13k

Guam_seeds.png Lantadyme - 13k

Guam_seeds.png Dwarf Weed - 15k

Guam_seeds.png Torstol - 15k




Guam_leaf.png Guam - 1- 1,5k

Marrentill.png Marrentil - 1,6- 1,8k

Tarromin.png Tarromin - 1,9- 2.5k

Harralander.png Harralander - 2- 2,5k

Ranarr_weed.png Rannar -  15- 20k

Toadflax.png Toadflax - 20- 25k

Irit_leaf.png Irit - 30-35k

Avantoe.png Avantoe -  35-40k

Kwuarm.png Kwuarm -  40-45k

Snapdragon.png Snapdragon -  45-55k

Cadantine.png Cadantine -  55-60k

Lantadyme.png Lantadyme - 60-70k

Dwarf_weed.png Dwarf Weed - 70-80k

Torstol.png Torstol - 80-85k




Runite_ore.png Runite Ore - 20-25k

  Gem_bag.png Gem Bag -15-20k

Adamantite_ore.png Adamantite Ore - 10-15k

  Golden_nugget.png  Rock - 5-8k

Mithril_ore.png Mithril Ore - 4.5-5k

Gold_ore.png Gold Ore - 2.5-3k

Coal.png Coal - 1-2k

Iron_ore.png Iron ore - 750-900gp

Copper_ore.png Copper Ore - 450-550gp

Tin_ore.png Tin ore -300-400gp

Rune_essence.png Rune Essence - 1-2k

Pure_essence.png Pure Essence -  2-4k




Runite_bar.png Runite Bar - 35-45k

Adamantite_bar.png Adamantite bar - 20-25k

Mithril_bar.png Mithril Bar - 10-15k

Gold_bar.png Gold Bar - 4-5.5k

Steel_bar.png Steel Bar - 1-2k

Iron_bar.png Iron Bar- 1k

Bronze_bar.png Bronze Bar - 750gp





Magic_logs.png Magic Tree - 7-10k

Yew_logs.png Yew - 4-6k

Maple_logs.png Maple - 2-3k

Willow_logs.png Willow - 1-2k

Oak_logs.png Oak - 800gp

Logs.pngTree Logs - 550gp

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#1052 Video Opening 70 mboxes

Posted by i pk a lot on 17 January 2017 - 02:39 PM

Hey guys! 


We have a new video where we are opening 70 mystery boxes for you!

i hope you enjoy the video!!

Please drop a like if you liked it and don't forget to subscribe, helps us a LOT!!!


Love y'all


-i pk a lot


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#1042 Donor Area

Posted by Jinx on 16 January 2017 - 05:02 PM

1) + custom drop NPC's area,

2) improven skilling items,

3) Donor skilling areas.

4) Rare monster that spawns after 30min (twisted bow, zaryte, GOD bows + arrows, katana etc)

5) More bosses donor or FTP

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#1029 Promo video Medieval Realm out!

Posted by i pk a lot on 14 January 2017 - 02:54 PM

Hello guys!


The promo video is out!

make sure to check out the channel and drop a like and also subscribe!

We will have a lot more videos upcoming days !!

link to promo video : 


Thank you to everyone who helped us out with the video!


- i pk a lot

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#2086 damn daniel

Posted by Tyler on 12 November 2017 - 06:18 AM

yo guys tyler here back again addm ein game or pm for skype/discord feel free to ask me anything


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#2080 We need your Feedback!!!

Posted by Administrator on 09 November 2017 - 11:43 PM

Ready to help our server expand? It's easy and very rewarding!


Simply select a link listed below, and write some feedback for other RSPS Community players to learn about our server before they join. Remember it's your call if other members should join or flock away! Make your choice today!










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#1179 ♛ [ OFFICIAL ] Medieval Realm ~ Drop List ✍

Posted by Jinx on 17 February 2017 - 08:39 PM

Official Medieval Droplist

Droplist Creators       


Donor/Economic Advicer: Jinx


Dropbox PDF file link: https://www.dropbox....& Jinx.pdf?dl=0







Undead Lumberjack



White Knight
Mind Rune:25

Fire rune:25

Earth Rune:15

Iron Dagger:1

Bronze Med Helm:1

Bronze Arrows:14


Rune Essence:10

Steel Chainbody:1

Steel Platelegs:1

Steel Helm:1

Noted Tuna:10

Rune Essence:50
White Helm:1

White Full Helm:1

White Platelegs:1

White Plateskirt:1

White Chainbody:1

White Platebody:1

White Scimitar:1

White Sq Shield:1

White Kiteshield:1

Mind Rune:9

Fire rune:12

Earth Rune:8

Iron Dagger:1

Bronze Med Helm:1

Bronze Arrows:14


Chaos rune:4


Noted Clean Guam: 1

Copper Ore:1

Earth talisman:1

Mind Rune:9

Fire rune:12

Earth Rune:8

Iron Dagger:1

Bronze Med Helm:1

Bronze Arrows:14


Chaos rune:4


Noted Clean Guam:1

Copper Ore:1

Earth talisman:1


Red Bead:1

Yellow Bead:1

Black Bead:1

White Bead:1

Tinder Box:1


Mind Talisman:1

Bronze Dagger:1

Rock Crab


Bucket of sand:1
uncut sapphire:4

uncut emerald:3

uncut ruby:2

Iron scimitar:1

Nature Rune:15

empty oyster:1
Steel Platelegs:1


Burnt lobster:2


Attack Potion (3):1
Rune scimitar:1

Avatar of Creation
Adamant Javalin:100

Manta Ray:3


Cosmic Rune:110

Noted Dragon Spear:1

Note Grimy Snapdragon:5

Rune Arrow:

Noted Clean Guam

Noted Rune Longsword:10

Steel Arrow:750

Noted Diamond:10



Noted Magic Log:100

Noted Rune Pickaxe:5

Super Restore (4):3

Noted Emerald:3

Noted Coal Ore:150

Death Rune:100

Law Rune:50

Nature Rune:75

Adamant Battleaxe:1

Rune Platebody:1

Snapdragon Seed:2

Super Strengh (4):3

Noted Ruby:3

Chaos Talisman:1


Noted Dragon Med:1

Rune Javalin:5

Noted Rune Platelegs:1

Steel Arrow:100

Godsword Shard 2:1

Bandos Boots:1

Godsword Shard 1:1

Bandos Chestplate:1

Bandos Hilt:1

Godsword Shard 3:1

Bandos Tassets:1


Antique lamp:1

Crystal Key:1

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Posted by Jinx on 13 February 2017 - 12:29 AM

Ironman account: Ironx


Dragon items:



Day 3 levels


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#1103 Member Bosses and benefits.

Posted by Jinx on 25 January 2017 - 04:52 PM

Umm love ideas, can someone please mix all players suggestion in one big thread (without duplicated ideas) would be awsome!

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#1097 Member Bosses and benefits.

Posted by Arq on 25 January 2017 - 03:30 AM

Okay, so lets start by saying, I, as a member of the server and supporter would love to be able to come together as a community and give the supporters who love this game(maybe just the pixels) but either way give them something to want to get as part of the package.



Lets start.


First thing, the memberzone needs some work. We know its under development so consider this just some suggestions.


Skilling area: 

We have mining covered.

Stalls need fixed.

Some trees added for wcing needed.

Some fishing spots needed.

Shops need to be revamped a little. Maybe add a skilling store near banks, Add a gear shop for donors.(torso, whips, furies, capes, dragon boots, pk gear(idk exactly). Obviously keep all items as priced in eco when added. and possibly limit the supply in shop.


Please add more to that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



Member Bosses:


Avatar of Creation, currently not working with drops needing revamped. Here are some thoughts on drops. 

-Flameburst(1/150) keep it on the rare side. make it compare to dfs but for strength?

-Nex Items(1/300) Keep rare. even higher drop rate maybe?

-Could we add Dungeoneering armour without primal? like the pre sets? No idea on drop rates.

-Hexhunter Bow(1/750)


Donor GWD, Give us a dungeon with the 4 gwd bosses in it. no minions. same drops and rates as gwd.


General Khazard, The giant general as a boss?

-Rings(berzerker,archers,seers, warriors) (1/150)

-Rings(i)(berzerker,archers,seers, warriors) (1/300)

-Acheivement pieces(Falador Shields, Varrock Armor, Karamja Gloves, Seers Headband, I know im missing a few) (1/150)

-Primal Battleaxe(1/750)


Dad, The giant ogre with the club?

-Upgraded Boots(Steads,Glaivens, Ragefires)(1/250)

-Brawling gloves(all of the skills)(1/150)

-Chaotic maul(1/250)

-Primal Spear(1/750)


































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#1065 Video's

Posted by Kill Switch on 18 January 2017 - 10:06 PM

If i could assist and help make any video's ;please just let me know and We can work something out, these videos can be used for Advertising,Guides,Boss Slaying, or anything you have in mind! just leave a message here and maybe we can meet up and toss some idea's around.

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#1062 Corbster HD's Promo

Posted by Kill Switch on 18 January 2017 - 07:03 PM

Awesome Vid! 

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#1054 Video Opening 70 mboxes

Posted by Jinx on 18 January 2017 - 03:00 PM

Nice loot and video!

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#1041 Donor Area

Posted by GUNNSMOKEz on 16 January 2017 - 04:43 PM

Since 90%+ of our player base are donators and regularly donate for the upkeep i believe we should start
putting effort into a actual area worthy of being for paying players. My suggestions for donor area are as follows.


2-4 kingly imps


1-2 Runite ores to mine


Rocktail fishing area for donors


Working Thieve stalls (with none ORSR xp gain)


Special summoning store and area

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#1012 Beginner Guide To Training

Posted by GUNNSMOKEz on 10 January 2017 - 11:13 PM

Ok you probably thinking i know how to train so whats the point in this guide, but as I've noticed from playing many RSPS's most people train there main combat skills then realize that they are poor and decide to quit. so this is just a little TUT to help you make some Money and items along the way.

1: Go to the slayer guide south of (Home) bank
Get a slayer task (9/10 you will get rock crabs as your first slayer task because of your combat level)
If you don't then ask for a easier slayer task.
Taking slayer tasks is one of the best ways to train whilst getting items and cash.
2: Always train Strength first as this will allow you to hit higher making the kills quicker, you can also train def to about 70 ( you may be thinking "i dont want to train def im going to be a pure" but its easier to kill bigger npcs for cash and items at first with def you can always reset defense  later on by talking to the town crier at (home)
3: Once you get to a level you feel comfortable to take on a more dangerous adversary use the mini games teleport and go to Barrows ( remember you will need high healing food or 43 prayer to make this worth while, bring a spade
I hope this quick Tut/money guide helped

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#1005 Promo video Medieval Realm

Posted by i pk a lot on 09 January 2017 - 12:19 PM

I will be using Camtasia, it's a nice program.
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