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Constantly growing suggestion box.

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hentai daddy

hentai daddy


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Whats up, Hentai Daddy here bringing a bunch of suggestions to the table, whether they be useful or not I figure they would suitable to suggest.

1. Donator Zone.


There are currently two NPC's in the Donator zone, Gus and King Lathas, that serve no purpose. Gus says 'you do not have 5 pk tokens' and King Lathas doesn't have a text box.


2. Wildy Resource Area.


The 40's(?) wilderness on OSRS, there is a resource area, good for high level skilling with runeite/adamant ore, dark crabs, and yew/magic tree's. After having to search around to find magic tree's in Camelot, i figure adding this might be a faster, more dangerous, way of skilling.


3. Runecrafting.


Being one of the most time consuming, monotonous skills in Runescape, I think raising the exp gain per essence, would be rather agreeable. Seeing as how on a double exp weekend, per blood rune, I'm getting 600xp, averaging 15,600xp per bag. In relation to OSRS, this is phenomenal, however I still feel it is incredibly slow for a runescape private server. Seeing as how as a f2p(non donator) player, you have to run to the abyss to get to the altar, and teleport back to home before running again, I feel bumping it to maybe a base of 600xp per essence, making it 1.2k per essence on double exp weekend, may be a little bit more forgiving.



I wish I knew how to attach photo's to this direct spot in the text, however I don't. BUT... WHY IS IT 100k XP (on double exp) PER MAGIC LOG??? lol just lower this one a fair amount.

5. Summoning.


With summoning being a very expensive and hard skill to level, seeing as you would have to either buy the charms from other players or get them yourself, there's just a few problems with the shop.
1. Buying pouches. The shop considers pouches as an unstackable item, only allowing for you to buy enough to fill your inventory. 
2. Only 1 water orb?
3. Wait I made a 30m profit from leveling smithing from buying the bars in this shop...

6. Shopping.

In addition to the summoning shop, I'm not positive if there's a way for you to do it, but if you could add a 'Buy 50' or 'Buy 100' option, so that we could theoretically purchase a full inventory rather then, 'Buy x' and typing a number larger then 27, or, 'Buy 10' 'Buy 10' 'Buy 10'. It would make life much more enjoyable.


I think that's it for now. I'll make edits any time I see anything else that i'd like to suggest.



Gucci Main

Gucci Main


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Great suggestions SIR




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1.) we can remove them asap.


2.) We're doing a skilling update for the wilderness with better xp rates we just need to create the items/objects first.


3.) I would instead of just boosting xp rates try to create something or use something another server has to make rcing better! But it will be apart of the wildy skilling update.


4.) Firemaking xp rates need lowered yes.


5.) The buying pouches problem is a shop issue not a summoning shop issue the problem was much worse believe me but it will be fixed.


6.) It depends on how easy or hard it is to add the option to everything in regards to the buy 50 or buy 100 option if we have to change an interface no. If it's a simple add we can look over it.

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