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Staff application.

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hentai daddy

hentai daddy


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What is your in-game username? 

-Hentai Daddy


How many hours have you played? post a screen shot of in game time.

-I'd like to say I have played over 100 hours but I can't find an in game counter.


Why do you want to become staff? 

-I love the server. The community is small for now but its a very close group of people. This is the only server i've come close to maxing on and donated for, and would love to be able to keep an eye over the server whilst Allen or Sphynx are offline or busy.


How would you being promoted help the server?

-I would be easily accessed for questions of any kind at any time of the day. I can spend a large deal of time online to help run the server from in game.


Have you been staff on this server or any other server before? Details if yes.

-Yes. I was asked to be a beta tester for a server about 6 months ago. After the 3rd week of beta testing, some of the players decided to quit and there was about 14 of us. The owner and I became good friends and he eventually asked me if i would like a moderator position. The server ran for another 2 months before the owner decided to quit trying, content stopped being produced, and it eventually fell through when the player base moved onto other servers. I stopped playing private servers for awhile until recently and found this one.


What would you do if you teleport home and see a level 3 spam advertising for another server?

-Advertisement of any kind would be a mute. If they proceed to make a new account and spam again, it will result in an IP ban.


How would you attempt to resolve a situation where two players are cussing at one an other over ::yell?
-I personally would teleport both players to me in a discrete area where we can all talk and resolve the issue. If either continue to argue, It will result in a temporary mute.


In the event that someone is making claims they were scammed while gambling what would you do?

-I don't believe there is much I can do, however, I could speak with either Sphynx or Allen and have them check the logs to find out what exactly happened. I could also moderate gambles. Its normal to have a mediator in any gamble anyway.


Lastly if someone... let's say got 'cleaned' staking is spamming "This server is shit any ways" how would you handle this?

-I would first have words with them in a discrete area, and if they continue to do it, mute them. If they proceed to make alternate accounts to spam, they will be IP banned.


Thank you for reading.






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Accepted! Welcome to the team I trust you will make a grate addition!