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Member Bosses and benefits.

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Okay, so lets start by saying, I, as a member of the server and supporter would love to be able to come together as a community and give the supporters who love this game(maybe just the pixels) but either way give them something to want to get as part of the package.



Lets start.


First thing, the memberzone needs some work. We know its under development so consider this just some suggestions.


Skilling area: 

We have mining covered.

Stalls need fixed.

Some trees added for wcing needed.

Some fishing spots needed.

Shops need to be revamped a little. Maybe add a skilling store near banks, Add a gear shop for donors.(torso, whips, furies, capes, dragon boots, pk gear(idk exactly). Obviously keep all items as priced in eco when added. and possibly limit the supply in shop.


Please add more to that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



Member Bosses:


Avatar of Creation, currently not working with drops needing revamped. Here are some thoughts on drops. 

-Flameburst(1/150) keep it on the rare side. make it compare to dfs but for strength?

-Nex Items(1/300) Keep rare. even higher drop rate maybe?

-Could we add Dungeoneering armour without primal? like the pre sets? No idea on drop rates.

-Hexhunter Bow(1/750)


Donor GWD, Give us a dungeon with the 4 gwd bosses in it. no minions. same drops and rates as gwd.


General Khazard, The giant general as a boss?

-Rings(berzerker,archers,seers, warriors) (1/150)

-Rings(i)(berzerker,archers,seers, warriors) (1/300)

-Acheivement pieces(Falador Shields, Varrock Armor, Karamja Gloves, Seers Headband, I know im missing a few) (1/150)

-Primal Battleaxe(1/750)


Dad, The giant ogre with the club?

-Upgraded Boots(Steads,Glaivens, Ragefires)(1/250)

-Brawling gloves(all of the skills)(1/150)

-Chaotic maul(1/250)

-Primal Spear(1/750)


































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Love it some really good ideas there mate

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Kill Switch

Kill Switch

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Great Ideas!

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Umm love ideas, can someone please mix all players suggestion in one big thread (without duplicated ideas) would be awsome!

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