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Recent Update News 2/5/17

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Toxic Blowpipe - Reported as hitting way to hard and was abusable at bossing, we've decided to switch over to Bronze / Runite Arrows only for now.
Runite Claws - Wearing this item would cause your player to disconnect, this is now fixed and shouldn't be a problem. (PLEASE REPORT ANY ITEMS LIKE THIS!)
Void Armour - Many players were reporting that some void armour wasn't getting place into the proper weapon / armour slot, this issue has been resolved, if any other items are like this please report.
Brimhaven Dungeon - All the pass-ways are now accessable allowing players to fight (Moss Giants, Hill Gaints, Guard Dogs, Red Dragons, and a few other npcs that were already in that area.
Armadyl Crossbow - Now working but please test stats so we can make further adjustsments were needed.
Right Click Examine Item - This function now has proper comma marks when called for, allowing players to read the total amount of the item they are holding or trading over in First Trades, Inventory, Stops, and other helpful areas, This will cause for less strain on your eyes aswell.
Server Process Handler - I've also been roaming though the server files removing any unused content and A backing it up or B just completely removing it. This will allow for less lag during gameplay plus who needs all that extra code being read while your bossing right? Lol :D
Bosses / Drop - Many of you may not have heard the news for this but I have raised the rarity of almost all NPC's that offer a good drop rate, I have also raised to Defence and Attack of some Elite Bosses to make them a little harder not to much but worth fighting now can't just AFK it anymore.
Duo / Solo Slayer Master - Reports were made about right clicking these npcs and you would be disconnected. This was due to a un-verified packet that was not set up for 4th click npc options, this was recently fixed with-in the last client update that players are already using.
Client Crashing!!! - This issue has been resolved for the most part, you wont be disconnected while bossing or anything but! you might run into a few spots in-game where your camera view catched Black Spots only. Dw this is harmless and will not effect your player in anyway, but it will stop your from disconnecting from this point on.

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